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Dmitrov Protein Plant (DBK, LLC) has started its work in 2015. This is the newest production is aimed at the European quality level of products and innovations in the animal protein production and their use in the final product.


THE POWER OF MEAT — THE BASIS OF QUALITY! The company’s mission is: Assistance in the formation and practical implementation the fundamental princi ...

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    Production workshops are equipped with the best quality and new equipment. ...

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Quality control

Own manufacturing and research laboratory is equipped with modern appliance, allowing to analyze a wide range of indicators. Consistently implementing our ...

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We will help you to get juicy, more tender meat, as well as to significantly reduce the loss during cooking.



This section presents all the latest news of company and market protein products.

Quality indicators of raw meat

Obviously, the quality of finished products is derived from the composition and properties of used raw material, its technological processing. At the same time on different stages of meat production i ...

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Our ability to compensate for the water-holding capacity (WHC) in the formulations

We reduce the syneresis (total WHC product effect on further clipping of moisture during storage) We stabilize the form when moisture and thereby increase the storage time (the number not connected mo ...

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Identical formulations with different raw materials

Comparative table with identical formulations of raw materials and so on. ...

The classifier technological identity of raw materials

We insure ourselves from low functional raw materials ( low PH , frozen raw materials, improper storage ). ...


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