Obviously, the quality of finished products is derived from the composition and properties of used raw material, its technological processing. At the same time on different stages of meat production in the concept of the quality of raw materials put different meaning, and it is carried out using not tool ,and subjective indicators.

∙ However most of these indicators are technological and indefinitely :the ratio of muscle, fat and connective tissue, the pH of raw materials, organoleptic characteristics (color, smell, taste, texture, appearance) and others.

∙ Depending on the species characteristics, chemical composition and properties of meat producing animals are different. Pork has a more delicate texture, high content of adipose tissue, specific pleasant aroma and taste. Due to this industrial importance of pork as determined by the content of muscle and adipose tissue. Beef presents more rough muscle fibers, has a bright color, contains less extractives refractory fat; the production value of beef is the presence of water – and salt-soluble proteins. Poultry meat as raw material can be a good cheap protein filler.

∙ One of the main indicators of quality of raw meat is its water holding capacity . ( It involves water binding capacity, water activity, etc.)